How Can B2B Marketers Brandish Blogs To Boost Business

The whole wide of the web is teeming with blogs—Technorati has indexed 133,000,000 blogs since 2002 and according to Universal McCann, 77% of all Internet users read blogs regularly. But more than this influx of blogs on the Internet, what has got businesses interested is the fact that Technorati found out from their survey that out of 7,000 bloggers from 24 countries, 47.1% are influenced to buy a product or enlist a service after they have read about it in a blog. These are staggering statistics and only go on to reiterate the potential of blogs as marketing tools.

So how can B2B marketers brandish blogs to their marketing advantage? Here are some nifty tips:

  • Make your blogs the voice of your employees. Encourage your employees to blog about the company—the products and services—and also share their views and express their opinions. Enhance your repertoire of blogs by requesting contributions from employees from varied business groups as well, like sales, marketing, Research and Development, and support. This will ensure that your blogs are never short on the uniqueness front—of perspective, content, and insight.
  • Create riveting blogs. The popularity of a blog depends on how interesting it is to the readers. Let not your blogs assume the tone of a press release or a promotion copy and harp solely on the products and services that your business offers. Rather ask your employees to think of blogs as platforms to express their views and opinions. Encourage them to leave a slice of their unique personalities on their writings; there is nothing like a human touch to liven up things.
  • Allow readers to comments. The immense popularity of the various social networking sites has stemmed from the fact that these podiums facilitate high levels of interaction and engagement between the users. So, to incorporate this feature of engagement in your blogs, allow readers to post comments.  This will also allow your blog to become a topic of conversation.
  • Invite expert contributors. Analysts, executives, columnists, and technologists—these are the people with insider’s knowledge of the industry. Invite them to contribute blogs and you can be sure that their write-ups on emerging trends, comments on a raging debate, and perspectives on industry-relevant events will attract new readers and also enhance your credibility in the eyes of existing customers.

The above-mentioned tips will surely help B2B business owners harness the power of blogs to market their business.

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