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How Firms Are Utilizing Social Media To Save Capital And Reach Out To A Wider Market

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Firms can use social media to conduct a conference with potential clients and also save on travel expenses. They can hire new employees by conducting interviews and demonstrate their product to potential clients by using video conferencing. For a new firm which is looking to enter into a competing market, improved technology helps them to minimize expenses and increase profit and productivity. Along with social media, video conferencing can be used as an effective business tool to get in touch with customers and employees living beyond their geographical zones. This not only saves money but also travel time.

Nowadays candidates like to interact with executives of a company before they apply for a post. They like to gather as much information as they can before they decide to apply in a company. Through this interaction, they can decide if a company is being honest with them. A company has to interact with them to ensure that they exist and are not a hoax.

A firm which does not have an office in every city of the world can attract customers using popular social networking sites such as twitter or Facebook. It can post updates about product launches and events in order to increase traffic flow. In this way it will not only increase number of potential clients but also popularize it’s name with minimal expenses at it’s own disposal.

Clever Use of Internet Memes Can Give Your Business Promotions A Humorous Touch

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Did you know that just a few days ago, a man in Malaysia has used Internet memes like “Victory Baby”, “Socially Awkward Penguin”, and “Y U No Put Ring On It” to propose to his long term girlfriend? Indeed, it is just another use for these delightful little combinations of pictures and texts that have been gaining popularity at exponential rates ever since those were first made up, not too long ago.

Can you think of some ways, in which you could entertain people, and get them interested in your business at the same time? Well, how about using these in your social media marketing campaigns? Using relevant memes in Twitter updates and Facebook posts can be a great way to engage new visitors to your account pages. Besides, stick a few funny images with the texts, and you are guaranteed to put a smile on the visitors’ faces. After all, if you can indeed make your customers “feel like a Sir”, then bringing in more and more new customers as well as retaining the loyal ones would never seem “Impossibru” to you.

Do be a little careful when selecting memes though. For one thing, there are a ton of memes of racist nature out there, and you would do well to steer clear from all of those. After all, you do not want even one of your customers (either prospective or loyal) yelling “That’s Racist”, on the Facebook page of your company, do you?

How You Can Use Social Networking Sites To Boost Your Business

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Each day holds a new record for each of the networking sites, who are constantly competing with each other to increase their popularity. Inclusion into a circle of friends having similar aims in life can be mutually beneficial. You will find ones who will have similar interests as yours, with whom you can soon start a conversation. Interacting with a new person in the real world is not very easy for a few of us, but the virtual world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can be used with full potential to increase popularity of your business. Interaction with people from various backgrounds can give you new ideas and improve visibility of your business among a wider audience.

Gone are the days when a business would be promoted by an advertisement in the yellow pages or newspapers, in a new and modern era where people prefer to interact directly with each other, you must not lag behind. Give a head start to your business by finding a circle of friends with whom you can bank on for a profit. With inclusion of new features, applications, groups and communities, networking sites are able to draw in users from various backgrounds. Social networking sites are flooded with members who have different aims to achieve in life. Finding a place for yourself in them will not be very hard.

When you create a public profile in a networking site, you are looking for an audience. You have to make your page engaging to draw interest of people who matter. Your page has to to be as riveting as possible, with a good description about your business and company logo as a profile picture. You must see that your audience is not lacked of any information about your business, but also keep in mind that beating about the bush about your business will also not do any good. Keep description about your business as simple and captivating as possible, so that you can reach out to a target audience. Just creating a profile is not going to help your business. Promoting your business by keeping your web page active must be your aim. You need to contact your target audience in order to seal a deal with them and convert them into your customers in future.

Social Media: ROI vs. Correlation

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Do you regularly run social media campaigns for various clients? Then maintaining proper ROI for all those clients must be a major headache for you. Well, there certainly is a fine balance that you have to maintain in every single social media marketing campaign that you may run, between correlation and ROI.

So, what is this correlation, you ask? Well, simply put, it is the relationship between business success achieved by the company, and the ties of social media to that success. It can never be proved with 100% certainty, unless you are able to show that the profit margins soared as the company reached out to more and more customers via social media. A somewhat ambiguous proof can be obtained by comparing social media stats with profit margins though.

Even with the slight ambiguity, ROI vs. Correlation studies can help you gain confidence from top level management, who happen to control the kind of investment the company makes in social media. If you are running social media campaigns regularly, then this is certainly a method you may wish to follow, in order to help the management realize just how social media is helping their business, and why they should continue investing in it.

You Cannot Restart Your Social Media Campaign… But You Can Fix Mistakes

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Have your inexperienced employees been making some major mistakes while interacting with others on the social media accounts used for promoting your business? Have you been considering drastic measures like closing down the accounts and creating new ones for carrying on social media marketing for your company? Well, guess what – that route is closed! Even if you manage to build another account, the people already on the last account will think twice, or even thrice, before accepting your requests to have them join your new network. In fact, in the worst case, the brand name of your business may also be viewed with suspicion, since this kind of action is usually taken by spammers.

So, no, creating new accounts on social media networks and scrapping the old ones are definitely out of the picture. What you can do, however, is try to mend the reputation of your brand on the networks. Here are some tips that should help with that:

1. Have your social media marketers post apology messages on the networks, where any kind of rude comments may have been published. This will not set things right with every offended user, but will at least prove that your company is ready to accept blame for mistakes and work towards improving its standing.

2. If customers have been posting comments criticizing your products/ services on the networks, and your team has been ignoring those, now is the time to fix the situation. Be sure that every such comment is followed up, and the issues resolved in a constructive manner. However, if your team has been deleting those comments, then there might not be much you can do now, except paying attention to any new comments of that kind. In that case, you are likely to lose trust of a lot of people, but hopefully, you should be able to gain the trust of some new ones.

3. Lastly, make sure that the employees assigned with the task of carrying out social media activities for your company are knowledgeable enough about social media to get the job done properly. If you believe that some of them might not be adequately experienced, then it is certainly a good idea to send them to a social media marketing workshop of some kind, before they resume their tasks.

Mending the reputation of your company on social media networks can be pretty difficult when a lot of things have already gone wrong. However, with proper knowledge and corrective action, you should be able to get your SMM campaign back on track.